FAIL: Facebook’s Social Jobs Partnership

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Social Network Analysis, Social Recruiting, Sourcing

So I see the news about Facebook’s new Social Jobs Partnership and I am excited, I’ve just spent the morning listening to Gerry Crispin talk about the Candidate Experience Awards and I’m thinking this will just round out my day.  This has got to be good…right?  Let’s watch the great FB turn recruiting on it’s ear….change up social media….create the dawn of a new day…help employers improve the candidate experience from the moment they decide to look for a job…it’s gonna rock, right?

No. It’s Not.

Let me be clear, it sucks. Want me to be more clear?

FAIL #1 – Link your billion plus member social network with the phrase “job board”.  This makes me cringe.  You should’ve called Sackett, he could’ve hooked you up..

FAIL #2 – Get PR to announce that there are over a million job listings.  And the math bothers me here – a billion members and only a million job listings?!

FAIL #3 – 5 “apps” feed into this job board – where we’re just reviewing postings…, Jobvite, Monster, BranchOut and Work4Labs.  When I search for “accounting” and “a/p” I get results from just one – and there’s a measly 24 jobs for the area I test, Germantown, MD.  And most of those jobs are not really even close to Germantown.  The others yield nothing…nada…zip… for  Germantown, MD.  But, it has 117.

FAIL #4 – These jobs are aged.  Who the hell knows how long they’ve been in these apps.

FAIL #5 – Apparently this is just a job board.  Wow.  That’s so 2000.  It crushes me.  I expected more from Facebook.  Where’s the networking? The engagement?  Why can’t I see who in my network works at a company I want to apply to? Oh I know – I can – if I’m in the right app…but not if I’m in  Why…why…why did Facebook not look at LinkedIn and say how can we make Social Jobs Partnership the bionic job networking wunderkind?

As I read the write-ups on sites like Forbes I get the distinct impression, that Facebook, located in Silicon Valley, the mecca for the techiest of tech recruiters didn’t consult with Recruiters. Or Sourcers.  Or maybe…and here’s a stretch…jobseekers.   San Jose…the holy land for the super sourcers that dive in and out of social media sites, and other online repositories all day…well Facebook decided to disregard that and took advice from app developers and  Why the heck wouldn’t you get feedback from recruiters…you’ve got the best and brightest in your back yard.  Y’all can build more than an aggregator, I’m sure of it.

Conceptually Facebook is relying on its name.  That jobseekers will flock to it because, well, it’s Facebook.  But this is ridiculous.  No recruiter in their right mind would suggest a jobseeker look on Facebook’s Social Jobs Partnership first (and let me share with you  Facebook, we get asked, hourly, where to look), it’s not robust, fresh or engaging!  Why would anyone spend time there? Why?!