Office Politics Suck

Meredith Soleau Employee Relations, Meredith Soleau, Trench HR

With me, you will always know where you stand. I promise you.

I wear these damn emotions on my sleeve.

If I am upset with you, I will say to you that I am mad. If I am happy with you, you will get a lot of interaction.

Heck, I’m friendly to

everyone, (unless I am mad at them) even strangers, because I’m a totally unsuspecting person who never believes anyone would really ever have bad intentions. So until someone proves me wrong about their intentions, or makes me feel weirded out, I am just freaking nice.

I have friends at work. I have a circle of friends here, and I think most HR people do, even though we are told we shouldn’t (so most of us will never admit it). And even though my husband disagrees with me about these people being genuine friends, and he tells me that people just like me because they are sucking up to me, I truly know that I have made some actual real and lasting friendships while working here these past seven years.

At least I thought I had made some real and lasting friendships.

It kills me to say this, but my husband was correct, at least to some degree. I’ve only just now figured out that someone, who I considered my friend, was only my friend so I would make decisions in his favor. He is the master of office politics, and everyone seemed to have known this about him. Everyone but me.

I’ve been naive, folks.

Super naive.

And it hurts.

I hate feeling guarded like this. I am questioning all of my work friendships. Is anyone really HR’s friend?

Has this ever happened to you? If so, how did you deal with this person going forward? Do you work in a place that has problems with office politics?