The CYA Report E30: HR Embracing Social Technology – A Call to Action

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The CYA Report is a free flowing, sometimes mature discussion of HR and talent issues. On today”s show we have Brian Platz, COO & Co-Founder of SilkRoad, on HR embracing technology and the social media lands


Hosts: Kris Dunn & Tim Sackett

Producer: Holland Dombeck


intro – Everclear “Everything to Everyone”

interview – Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”

close – Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”

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00:31 – Kris and Tim make their 2012 election predictions.

04:04 – The gang weighs in on 1. What Military Spouses Know About Infidelity and 2. Meet Marisa Mayer, Yahoo”s Recruiter-In-Chief.

12:04 – Interview with Brian Platz, SilkRoad.

34:58 – Word from our sponsor,

36:00 – The Big Finsih.

Check out this great infographic from the team at Silkroad, Embracing Social Technology: A Call To Action.