Video Killed the Radio Star: How Collaboration Tools and the BYOD Movement Are Reshaping the Way HR & Recruiting Pros Get S#*T Done

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Editor’s Note: FOT would like to thank everyone that registered for “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Our FOT Host, Holland Dombeck, had a great time presenting and would like to give a special shout out to her co-host, Jeremy Malan

der, and his team at Blue Jeans Network, for sponsoring the event. Registration information for our December webinar will be up shortly – stay tuned!


Video Killed the Radio Star. The Buggles said it back in 1979 and yet the awkward dance of the audio conference call is still a generally accepted practice in most shops.

[Hi, yes …. wait, is anyone there? Hello, hellooo?]

Sorry, I thought we lost you for a second. Where was I? Ah yes…

Video collaboration is quickly killing traditional audio conferencing in today’s organization, ultimately impacting the way HR, recruiting and other departments get things done in their daily role. But why?

[Can you hold…we’re just going to mute you for a second.]

And we’re back…

The modern workforce doesn’t look the same as it did 33 years ago and HR leaders and recruiting professionals need a new way to optimize their most valued asset: their people. Video collaboration provides a vehicle for teams, clients and candidates, spread around the globe, with the opportunity to work face-to-face, to innovate, develop and perform.

Ladies and gentleman, rock and roll…

Join FOT for our November webinar (sponsored by the fine folks at Blue Jeans Network), Video Killed the Radio Star: How Collaboration Tools and the BYOD Movement Are Reshaping the Way HR & Recruiting Pros Get S#*T Done, and we’ll hit you with the following:

  1. A detailed dive into why video collaboration is quickly killing the use of traditional audio conferencing tools and the positive impact the shift is having in modern day organizations.
  2. Five ways you can leverage video collaboration tools in your organization today. FOT is determined to make you a believer, so we’re offering up five scenarios in which video collaboration would be the most effective route to execute challenges in your daily role and ultimately drive business results.
  3. A comprehensive roadmap for driving user adoption of video collaboration across your organization. You’ve got the goods now it’s time to put them to use. FOT will break down the three barriers to user adoption and offer up a resistance free roadmap to implementing video collaboration across any business.
  4. A universal script guaranteed to eliminate pregnant pauses, crickets and speaking out of turn.
  5. BYOD and the Mobile Era – the final definition. We’ll bring in Jeremy Malander from Blue Jeans Network to define BYOD and the Mobile Era, and break down why they are leading drivers in the shift to video collaboration in the workplace.

Bonus: We’ll wrap this webinar by stocking your toolbox full of free, cheap and accessible video tools and hardware to help you get started with video collaboration in your organization today.

[Is anyone still listening??]

Toss your outdated audio conferencing equipment like a pair of acid wash jeans and start collaborating like it’s 2012 – register now for Video Killed the Radio Star.

This webinar comes with the FOT guarantee – 60% of the time, it works every time.

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