Ho, Ho, Ho – Need Some Dough?

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Do you remember getting seasonal jobs?  You were home from college or a high school student wanting to get out of the house and away from relatives – yah, you'd go get a job for a month.

CareerCast.com did a study about seasonal jobs and evidently SANTA is the gig you want.  For dressing up and sitting on your bum all day you could earn $100/hour!!!  Here's the rundown of the best and worst seasonal jobs:


  • Santa Claus
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Volunteer
  • Parcel Deliverer
  • Food Server
  • Candy Maker


  • Santa's Elf
  • Christmas Tree Lot Attendant
  • Snow Remover
  • Airport Help
  • Taxi Driver

I have an issue with these lists.  First, only the top two on the “worst” list are seasonal…..I would think it would ALWAYS suck to be a snow remover, airport help or a taxi driver.  Second, how the heck is Retail Salesperson #2 on the BEST list??!

I've always said to truly appreciate the job/career you have later in life you have to have worked retail or as a food server at least once in your life.  Those jobs blow!  I did a Christmas at The Gap in the Galleria Mall in Houston…..and I still have scars.  Not only is the Galleria

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“the” mall in Houston, but at the time The Gap was in a prime spot and a huge store (note: at one time it was “THE” Gap….now just Gap).

I'm not sure what was worst – being stuck as a “greeter” – “Hi, welcome to The Gap!  How can I assist you?!” as the crowd wrangles past you and pretends you don't exist.  OR, spending hours….yes hours….after the store closed refolding the clothes people hurled all over the store.  I was in therapy for many years because I had to have one of those t-shirt folders for my own t-shirts, sweaters and anything visible in my tiny closet.  It was a curse.  I despised doing it in the store, but then I loved the way the neatly folded sweaters looked on the shelves of my own closet!

HOW can a retail salesperson be #2 on the best list?!!  You work long hours, people are generally in a foul mood because they are at a MALL during the holidays, you are on your feet all day and you hear the same cheesy music over and over and over.  I'm not sure about today, but at the time I was paid a little over minimum wage (cause I rocked) and all of it was spent buying stuff I didn't need but had to buy because I had an employee discount!

Hmmm…$100/hour to sit around, albeit in a hot, nasty smelling suit after the 2nd kid pees on your lap……but maybe I need to rethink what I'm going to do next December?!! Ho, Ho, Ho.

Hit me with your best/worst seasonal jobs as I know the FOT clan can top these!