The Most Important Part of HR is Payroll

Laurie Ruettimann Bad HR, Laurie Ruettimann, Leadership, Payroll

The most important part of Human Resources isn’t talent management or talent acquisition. It doesn’t matter if you hire for culture or competency. And nobody cares about your learning management systems or your diversity and inclusion programs.

The most important part of Human Resources is your payroll department.

  • Do you pay people on time?
  • Do you have an accurate time and attendance solution that is integrated into your payroll process?
  • Are taxes and miscellaneous deductions handled properly?
  • When there are errors, can you fix it quickly?

Lots of people belittle the administrative nature of Human Resources; however, the flawless delivery of personnel-related services is noble. It’s important. And it is what sets you free to do other cool stuff. You can’t be trusted with complex issues like engagement and culture if you can’t get the paychecks right.

I have one other HR secret for you: the operational and administrative aspects of Human Resources have a bigger impact on the balance sheet than your wellness program and employer branding initiative. You won’t be a credible company who can attract and retain talented people if you can’t pay them.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for HR professionals to stop apologizing for being administrators and start chanting, “We’re here! We do payroll! Get used to it!”

I’ll get the clapboards and the picket signs.