Want to be remembered as a candidate? Say Thank You!

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Seriously.  Your resume will impress, your in person interview may knock their socks off. But the candidate that crafts a well written thank you? They will be the one to leap ahead.

We recently had a situation in my office where we had 6 very strong candidates go into a first round interview situation.  On paper – it’s a hard choice.  We all know in person interviews make a difference and that knocked out a couple.  But, one candidate pulled ahead with a simple act.

A well written thank you note.

The mom in me was pleased.  I do battle all the time with the kiddos on writing thank you notes.  For gifts, it’s a no brainer.  But now, with so many events, plays, recitals….I make them do the thank you notes for those too.  We just had family from Connecticut, Florida and South Carolina travel to Maryland to see our senior’s “last show”.  That deserves a huge thank you.  And she wrote them without question.

Back to our candidate.  This candidate did not just drop a line to the in person interviewer.  This candidate thanked the in person interviewer (aka our client), our recruiter….and then thanked me for creating the introduction…the sourcer got a thank you!  All hand written thank you notes.  All probably took  just a few minutes to draft and mail.  And oddly enough, when I got the candidate’s hand written thank you note, I remembered the same candidate had followed up with an email thank you.

Because the candidate did such a well written note, and remembered each one of us, they are a standout.  I don’t know how the rest of the process will shake out, but if for some reason this candidate doesn’t get the job? They will be on the top of my list for the next opportunity.  They’re a class act as my boss would say.