What If

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From time to time I like to think larger than one client, industry event and/or the current problem in front of me. I take 2 hours off and unplug. I usually start with a “big idea” or “big question” and I give it my undivided attention. In this case, I thought about recruiting technologies I’d like to see in the very near future.

Me, note pad, favorite pen and no distractions. No Twitter hashtags or snarky updates on Facebook. Me and my thoughts…

Here are the 12 ideas that I came up with…

  1. Universal Apply Button –Toolbar extension. Apply wherever you are. Travel the internet and as you see jobs that pique your interest… apply right from your toolbar. Boom!
  2. What’s Next – Review of resume / LinkedIn content and application suggests potential career paths. Shows linear steps. Shows future jobs and suggests training and development regiment. Boom!
  3. Double Blind – We’re both blind. As we like what we see, we decide to release more and more data to one another. Double opt in process. Peeling the match.com onion over time and with the consent from both parties. Boom!
  4. Passion First – Both candidates and hiring managers care deeply about passion. Test, score, match for passions. Only apply to jobs that fit your true passions. Boom!
  5. LinkedIn Resume Export – The one pager. Tool that grabs the most important information from LinkedIn and formats it on one page. Exports as a PDF. Boom!
  6. Career Cloud – Review of what has been done in your career, what’s been done with your friends and peer group. Shows future jobs and suggests training and development regiment. Boom!
  7. Culture Fit – Similar to Passion First but the emphasis is on Culture not necessarily passion. Test, score, match for values alignment. Only apply to jobs where you are a culture fit. Boom!
  8. Tag Cloud Generator – App reviews social footprint… Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and creates a social sharable graphic that highlights the keywords most associated with you. Boom!
  9. Buffer for Jobs – Consume the internet. Bookmark jobs that seem interesting. Apply later. Buffer application reviews all jobs and fills in the data. Apply on your terms. Boom!
  10. Gmail / Google App – Candidates CRM / Communications tool. Cover letters and thank you notes. Reminds the candidate when and how to follow up. Boom!
  11. Apply Local – Zip Code Search. One click apply to all perfectly matched jobs. The candidate knows where they want to live but NOT the open jobs in that location. We solve that for them. Boom!
  12. Apply Via Foursquare – API integration with location-based social network. The candidate can be in a location… and apply while checking in. Ask the Mayor for a JOB. Boom!

So, do you like (or hate) any of these ideas? Do you think any of them should go to market? Apologies if any of these are currently AT MARKET of course. I know a lot of things but not everything. {sic}

Lastly, this type of focused time is something I’ve done for years. It’s both relaxing and stressful but ALWAYS rewarding. Are you carving out any “big idea” time? If not, you really should. You should also floss and eat broccoli. Just FYI. Boom! (that’s a KDism… don’t hate me, hate him).