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We’re all sick of logins.  We’ve got tens of logins, if not a hundred.  In fact, I’m going to venture to guess that true adoption of any solution (or lack thereof) hinges on the fact that people really don’t have time to login to whatever solution you’re selling, or trying to launch, in your HR practice.  You love the solution you’re rolling out – it’s money.  But people, especially managers, won’t use it the way you want them to.  Wanna know why?

Another login = death.

That’s one of the reasons we’re doing this month’s FOT Webinar entitled FOT’s Ultimate Guide to Mobile Recruiting.  Mobile is convenient – it’s in their hand.  Join Jason Pankow and myself for the webinar – but I digress (I’ll hit you with the webinar details at the end of this post).

You can have every feature in the world, but if your managers aren’t using the solution you think solves their problems, you don’t have ####.

So there’s two ways you can provide relief to what I’ll call log-in fatigue:

1.  You can offer sign-in to your solution by letting people use their Facebook/Google/Twitter account for authentication.

But even that’s probably not enough.  They still have to be in the system to use it.  That’s why the second way to deal with login fatigue and adoption misery is:

2. You can offer up command syntax.  Or should I say “freaking command syntax”.

What’s command syntax you ask?  Command syntax allows users to execute commands in the system by replying to system generated email with a hashtag.

Example – I use a web-based organizational tool called Remember The Milk.  I can push an email to RTM and add the hashtag “#Monday” and it will automatically create a task in the system for completion on the next Monday on the calendar.  I can use a similar hashtag to put it in a specific category.  I’m already working in email – its adoption crack.

Here’s an example from the recruiting space.  Hey, you don’t want to log in to status candidates? Fine, just reply to the email and the system will do the rest including capturing the analytic. Need to approve a job or offer and you still have a Workberry? No problem, just reply #approve. The system will do the rest.

It’s called adoption.  Commands available to get stuff done where people spend their working hours – email.  Could be done with texting as well.

One recruiting vendor I’ve seen with this approach is Newton.  I’m not paid to mention them, I just like command syntax and I don’t see it a lot.  They call their version of command syntax “Echo”, and it does what I describe above.  CRM plays have had this feature for a while.

Hashtag commands from email = #adoption.  It’s also a mobile solution, because let’s face it, one word commands from a handheld like “#decline” are custom made for mobile.

Think about command syntax and hashtags.  Ask your providers if that’s on the roadmap.  Seems like it should be.

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