Friday Shout Out: Skill Shortages – An Opportunity for Recruiting and Compensation to Converge? via @AnnBares

Holland Dombeck McCue Worldwide FOT

Longtime FOT friend Anne Bares, Founder and Editor of Compensation Cafe, wrote a great piece last week on skill shortages that we thought you”d be interested in. Here”s a snippet:

Too much focus on job titles is undermining our ability to fill our more challenging job openings, argues Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, in his recent HBR blog post.  By looking only at applicants with specific job titles and overlooking candidates who possess many of the essential skills required and who could take on the responsibilities with a basic investment in on-the-job training, he observes that many employers could be creating their own skill gaps.

In making his point, Ferguson highlights a study conducted recently by.  EMSI completed an analysis of 41 occupations commonly reported as having a skills shortage and then used their own compatibility index (which is based on O*Net competency calculations) to identify and estimate the number of workers who would be willing and able to switch occupations into categories where there skills may be more highly valued than in their current positions…

Check out the full post over at Compensation Cafe and hit Anne with your comments.