Come Hang with @fistfuloftalent at SHRM National 2013 #SHRM13

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FOT Nation,

You know what’s really cool about the readers of FOT?  When we ask for something, the FOT Nation always comes through — always. We try and not pimp you constantly with vendor crap. We provide good content and webinars for FREE.  You guys always respond in a matter that blows the FOT team away!  Always!  The truth is we are HR and talent pros just like you.  We write and produce content because we love it — not because Kris pays us.

I need something from you FOT Nation.

On Monday June 17th at 2:30pm in The Hive at the 2013 SHRM annual conference in Chicago – FOT will be live!  SHRM is kind of scared about this. They only gave us 30 minutes because they really don’t want the ‘normal’ SHRM attendees to hear what we have to say about the HR and Talent profession. SHRM is nervous. We didn’t give them an outline or a PowerPoint presentation. We didn’t get the content pre-approved.  They have no idea what we are going to do… [insert dark laughter]

Our first title for the 30 minute session was:

3 Things SHRM Doesn’t Want FOT To Tell You About HR

That got rejected unless we took out the ‘SHRM’.  That makes a lot of sense “3 Things ‘X’ Doesn’t Want FOT To Tell You About HR”!

Our second vanilla title was accepted:

The 3 Best Things You’ll Bring Back from SHRM – FOT’s Gift to HR Pros

Yep – FOT will be celebrating Christmas in June – we’re giving out gifts. Our best advice and best ideas from the insiders at FOT.  Stuff we use in our own shops that we think you’re probably not using, but should be. We should be charging for this session, but again, not SHRM approved behavior.

FOT Nation, here’s the only thing you need to do… Show Up!  Our plan is turn our 30 minutes of fame at SHRM into an Hour of fame and bump the next presenter because the demand will be so crazy with questions and thousands of you filling The SHRM Hive!

Bring a friend (or three!),  this will be the single most talked about presentation at SHRM National in 2013. Come help us Occupy The Hive!

Also, be sure to document the fun on Instagram using the hashtag #FOTNation.

– Tim and the team at FOT