Five Things You Need to Know This Week…

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, This Week in HR

Hello and welcome back! While we know you loved our #SHRM13 coverage, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming this week; kicking it off are these five reads:

1. Google Admits Its Crazy Interview Questions Were ‘A Complete Waste Of Time’. Google has recently shifted from asking offbeat brainteasers like “How many golf balls can you fit into an airplane?” when interviewing candidates, to more traditional behavioral questions. Why? Those brainteasers turned out to be a real waste of time.

2. Are unenthusiastic workers hurting your business’s bottom line? If employees don’t like their boss or aren’t stimulated by their work, can that lack of enthusiasm weigh on a company’s bottom line?

3. Cultural Fit in the Workplace: How Personality Affects Hiring and Teamwork. People differ in their personalities, attitudes, and values, and an understanding of our individual personality is profoundly important in maximizing our happiness and productivity at work.

4. Atypical Accounting: Ernst & Young Creates Flexible Office Environment. Besides flexible schedules and flexible work-at-home arrangements, another kind of workplace flexibility is emerging.

5. Video Killed the Instagram Star. Instagram, an app best known for photo-sharing, added video last week, to compete withTwitter’s fast-growing video-sharing app, Vine.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!