FOT Shout Out: Why aren’t more college students on LinkedIn?

Holland Dombeck McCue FOT Shoutout

MyEdu, spends a considerable amount of time with students, trying to understand what tools they use in their career development process.  One thing that has stood out consistently in their research is the slow adoption of LinkedIn amongst college students, especially when compared to broader professional population.

So… Why aren’t more college students on LinkedIn?

1.  College students already have a social network. 

If you are an older professional like me, think back to your own initial experience with LinkedIn.  For many of us, it was a unique way to keep up with a wide but loose network of colleagues, former colleagues, and business contacts.  There was a little bit of excitement every time we got an invitation from an old contact, as it confirmed that people remembered who we were and wanted to continue building a professional relationship.

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