RECRUIT ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT: 4 Things to Say and Do When You Get Family Members on the Phone Instead of Candidates…

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In the old days, you dialed a recruit and somebody picked up the phone. You actually talked to people – dig?

These days? Not so much. Even if you’re a hunter, on the phones more that not as a recruiter, you’re not getting enough people on the phone on your first dial.

The reason is pretty simple.  Cell phones are a direct line to the candidate. Voice. Freaking. Mail.

Voice mail sucks because it prevents you from getting more people on the phone quicker as a recruiter.  It also sucks because you don’t get to interact with family members/significant others of the candidate in question.

A lot of people think talking to family members/significant others is a wasted dial.  They couldn’t be more wrong.

If you dial a home number and are lucky enough to get a family member/significant other on the line, do something different for me – turn it into a conversation.

I know – you don’t know what to say to that family member, right?  That’s why I’m here to give you the following Top 4 things to say to/ask family members of candidates when they screw up and answer the phone:

1. Tell that family member the candidate in question (who’s related to them or sleeping with them – but hopefully not both, right?) IS AMAZING.  Seriously, all families get in a bit of a rut related to being tired of each other.  Then you call and start chatting them up, and actually have something nice to say about the candidate, who they probably think is lame and rarely hear good things about. The candidate gets home and they tell him, “Damn, Kinetix sure likes you. Call this person and tell them the truth, because they’ve mistakenly labeled you as awesome.”  ADVANTAGE: YOU.

2. Get a brief, non-threatening dig in at the candidate’s current company.  Negative recruiting?  Alive and well.  Something like, “Yeah, we get a lot of management talent stars out of Applebee’s, because it just seems like the right people can’t break through there.  How long has Johnny been there?  Um-hm.”  You’re either going to hear “Really? I didn’t know that”, or “Yeah, the man has been holding Johnny down for a while now.”  Bonus points for taking a shot at the quality of the company’s product through personal experience. THE PLAY: They’re not good enough for Johnny. I told you he was awesome and now I’m telling you the breakthrough issue might be where he works. #justsayin

3. We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a PURE PLAY TOWARD THE FAMILY MEMBER’S VANITY. I’m a Recruiter and I place people. What do you do for a living? You sound like you would be good at anything you do. Gotta budget a bit of time for this, but you can be in and out in 60 seconds.  Everyone likes to talk about #1 – Themselves.  Give them a chance, you natural relationship builder.  You can check out Gawker or Deadspin while they talk.

4. The Vanity Play is complete, so it’s time to ask for a little competitive intelligence like a CIA agent BUT DO IT IN A WAY THAT PUTS THE FAMILY MEMBER FRONT AND CENTER.  Where’s Johnny been interviewing? What did he think?  What’s he want to do? What’s going to seal his decision to move – money? power?  More importantly, what do you think he should do?  That’s really what is important, because you are a kick ### evaluator of Johnny’s life.  I AM INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINION.  REPEAT: I AM INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINION.

Conversations with family members don’t happen enough. Follow my roadmap and dial a home number once in awhile.  See if you can get the wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/spousal unit on the phone.  You’re not recruiting someone like you mean it unless you take a shot a chatting up a family member.  You’ll have much better recruiting stories as a result as well.

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