Summer Fun…Playing Marco Polo to find this Sourcer an ATS…that works!

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing

I think I’m at the end of my rope with my current Applicant Tracking System (aka ATS).  When it starts to hinder the company I work for and edge into the area of becoming our Achilles heel…it’s time to search the waters for another.  We’ve got 10 months to sort this issue out, so this summer we’re playing Marco Polo on the hunt for a replacement to solve the issues we’re having. My wants truly are simple.

I want an ATS that will offer my company’s candidates the best experience possible.

I want candidates to be able to submit a social media profile or a resume (or a link to either of these) and have it parse into the ATS and queue into the requisition file for review. I’d also like to make sure that the ATS retains the link.

I want this to be a 1 click, maybe 3 click total process for the candidate.

I want an unlimited character search box. That recognizes standard boolean logic.

I do not want drop down menu’s that put my candidates in a box.

What would be bonus?

I do want to save hours on the manual data entry my company is logging now.  There are so many other projects I could use our super smart team on.

I’d like our Careers Site to be Mobile friendly, meaning, when someone lands on it or is referred to it on their phone, it automatically converts them to a mobile view.  I’m really kind of over paying job board sites to give candidates the mobile experience I’d like the ATS hosting our careers portal to provide.

Easy conversion of data. I’ve found 1000’s of potential candidates over the last three years — our ATS is a treasure trove.  I need to be able to port that information to the platform that can provide the above.

We’re a bit needy, we like to customize, we aren’t corporate HR and our needs are different.  The right ATS will need to be up for the challenges we’ll throw their way.

Is this you? When I say Marco, you say Polo… want me to find you faster? Message me here or at the day job.

What do you want in an ATS?