The Top 10 Ways To Recruit New Grads Like You’re Nick Saban #NACE13 – Register Now!

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I’ve got a fun gig I’m doing on June 5th at the 2013 National Conference for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (#NACE13) with one of our partners  Here’s the deal – MyEdu is throwing a party – free drinks, free food and free Hugs (by Me – just follow the rules!) – plus Fistful of Talent and MyEdu are giving away some golden nuggets of information – The Top 10 Ways To Recruit New Grads Like You’re Nick Saban!

If you have any kind of a college recruiting activity going on in your HR shop  – this is must have information.  In classic FOT style – it’s Low cost or No Cost – can completely be done in-house by you and your team (even if you are your team!).   If you don’t have any college recruiting responsibility but just want to learn how you can transform some of your recruiting marketing to be more like how a NCAA Division 1 Football program recruits 5 Star athletes – well, you can register as well – but don’t tell the college folks we let you download the information!

Here are the 2 Ways to Get the Free information:

1. Come see me at NACE 13 on June 5th- have a drink, have some food, get a hug – Register Here!  The information will be emailed to you directly!

Not going to NACE?

2. Register Here!  MyEdu is giving away a Free 30 Day trial Employer Trial of their site – Free Job Postings – The Whole Kit and Caboodle (which I’m not sure what that means – but you’ll get to use their entire site for Free – job postings, search new grad candidates, etc.).  Once you sign up for the Trial  – they’ll email you the information.  No! They won’t ask you for a credit card or start billing you after 30 days!  This is FOT!  We don’t play that way – we don’t feed the vendors – so if we are hawking it – we believe in it!

Nick Saban, University of Alabama’s Head Football Coach, doesn’t play nice – just ask Kris Dunn’s Auburn Tigers (War Eagle)!  There are many reasons he is flat out the best college recruiter on the planet, and has won at every single stop in his college career – he knows how to RECRUIT!  Sure you can’t be Nick – but you can kick the butt of your competition by stealing the best recruits away from them!  Nick plays for championships every year.  What is your organization playing for?  Do yourself and you organization a favor – find out why you’re not doing the 10 things Nick would be doing if he was sitting in your seat.