Tim Sackett talks SHRM – Think Small, Act Small

Tim Sackett Worldwide FOT

For anyone who reads my blog you know I have healthy love-hate relationship with SHRM.  I need to explain this relationship because so often people tell me to just forget about SHRM and move on with my life – sort of like you would with an ex-girlfriend.  The problem is I don’t love SHRM like an ex-girlfriend; I love SHRM like someone loves golf or basketball.  It’s the kind of love that when you hit a great shot in golf you love the game, then the next shot you hit into the water, and you hate the game, but you keep coming back each week to play again.

I don’t want to give up on SHRM, I want SHRM to be what I need it to be as someone who loves the profession of HR.  So, here’s what I need from SHRM. I need SHRM to act small.  I need SHRM to act like a niche organization.  I need SHRM to stop trying to be all things to all HR Pros.

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