We want your face on our blog, #FOTNation

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, Social Media

FOT is moving up in the social media world, and has replaced our existing Flickr stream with a fly new Instagram feed — go check it out on the home page of the blog, nestled right under The Latest @ FOT and above Bad HR.

To get your pics to display on the FOT blog feed, simply tag any photo you post to Instagram with #FOTNation. The feed is hashtag specific and will only pull those pics with #FOTNation attached. We encourage you — our valued readers — to share pics from conferences (e.g. #SHRM2013) and your daily HR/personal life. You’re in HR so we shouldn’t have to say this, but here it goes…

The FOT Social Media Policy: Respect the feed i.e. keep it clean, keep it relevant and please don’t be that guy/gal that makes us have to take it down.

Spread the word, #FOTNation.

And if you Instagram, follow us via @fistfuloftalent. We WILL follow you back.