Does Anyone In HR Work on Saturday?

Tim Sackett HR, Tim Sackett

Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July…

Some Classic Chicago for your Saturday FOT pleasure!

This is my first time doing the Saturday gig for FOT. It’s like doing overnight radio: no one is listening so you can say and do anything you want!

Here’s my Saturday question: Does anyone in HR really work on Saturdays anymore?  Be honest. Not the I-took-my-laptop-home-and-had-to-catch-up-some-things type of work. I mean real HR work.  Interviewing candidates face-to-face on a Saturday; facilitating a training session on a Saturday; doing a sexual harassment investigation on a Saturday.

I would bet if you polled your employees, 99% would say that HR doesn’t work on Saturday!  The 1% was your HR staff claiming that there was that one time they forgot something in their office and run into the office to retrieve and while there they returned an email was actually work…

I have had to work on Saturday in my career.  Just a little. The really cool thing about working on the weekends in HR is that it’s very similar to working on the day after Thanksgiving. It almost seems like you’re not really working.  No executives are in.  You’re usually in casual dress.  Everyone who is working is way more relaxed.  It might actually be worth your mental health to start taking off Mondays and work Saturdays!

But, you’re in HR so chances are you are reading this on Monday — or from your tablet in bed at 10am or on the deck doing some pleasure reading.  That being the case I’ll give you the Top 10 HR Assignments that are ‘completed’ on Saturdays:

1. Company Picnics!

2. Company Golf Outings!

3. Company 5Ks!

4. Company Habitat for Humanity!

5. Cleaning out the office of an executive you fired after 5pm on a Friday!

6. Cleaning out your own office because you’re going to resign on Monday!

7. Meeting your work spouse at the office… because it’s getting a bit too serious…

8. Changing the office bulletin board for new fancy initiative starting on Monday.

9. Updating your resume and making copies.

10. Using office suppliers and/or equipment to finish one of your kids projects for school.

Enjoy your Saturday, HR Pros!