Paul Hebert inquires Employee Engagement – Who to Blame for Low Numbers?

Paul Hebert Worldwide FOT

Seems you can’t swing a possum without hitting a new “research” study measuring employee engagement.  Same with consultants that will tell you how to get more employee engagement (those would be consultants without any employees – go figure how they know.)

The net-net is that over the past few years there has been a HUGE focus on engagement and a HUGE focus on recognition as a cure-all for engagement.  So much of a focus that new companies offering employee recognition solutions are springing up like weeds in the spring.

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Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is Vice President of Individual Performance Strategy at Creative Group Inc, writer, speaker and consultant. Paul focuses on influencing behaviors and driving business results through employees, channel partners and consumers. He is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world. Using proven motivational theory, behavioral economics and social psychology he has driven extraordinary company performance for his clients. Paul is widely considered an expert on motivation, incentives, and engagement.