Tim Sackett asks Are You a Big Deal?

Tim Sackett Worldwide FOT

I have a pin in my office I picked up a couple of years ago at the SHRM National Conference from the Baudville booth (no this isn’t a paid post! But I love their company!), it says:

“I’m Kind

Of A Big Deal”

I thought it was funny – it’s been stuck to the board behind my desk for over 2 years now. I like it because it reminds me daily – I’m not a big deal – far from it. In fact it makes me laugh when someone thinks I’m a big deal because I’m the President of a company, or because I write a blog (you know anyone can do this, right!?) or that at one point in my kid’s life they believed that I use to be Batman, but stopped to be a Dad. I’m not a big deal.

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