A Conference Deal So Good, It’ll Make You Want To Drink The Kool-Aid

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“If John or Jane Doe was walking off the cliff (or in some cases, the bridge) would you do that, too?”

If I could go back in time I’d tell my Mom, “Maybe if they had the right leadership voice or their tone was communicated authentically.” But I wouldn’t drink the Kool-Aid or don the Nikes. Maybe.

Delivery matters when you’re telling people what to do. Heck, it matters when you’re not telling people what to do, like just standing there looking like you know what you’re doing. But not all leaders are created equal, so how do you find the right delivery style for your personality? Or how do you make your own style work better?

Muriel Maignan Wilkins, co-author of Own the Room, is one of several awesome speakers at this year’s Corporate Learning Week in Buena Vista, Florida. She’s on the lineup to give you the 411 for developing your “signature voice” like a boss. And if that hook wasn’t enough, you’ll get this too:

  • Exercises to enhance your executive presence, to make more of an impact on others and the organization.
  • A framework for adapting your leadership presence as you move through the leadership pipeline towards enterprise-wide roles.
  • Tips & tricks to round out your interpersonal style, whether it be by softening an overly “commanding” style 
or by strengthening an overly “accommodating” style.

Eh, I probably wouldn’t do a bridge. I could be possibly convinced to step off a small platform positioned close enough to the ground that I wouldn’t break anything once said stepping off was completed. If there was a fluffy kitten waiting to be hugged at the bottom, I might.

Show me what you got? You lead, I’ll follow.


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Sorry, Mom.