Anonymous or Full Disclosure on LinkedIn?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Sourcing

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on stalking on LinkedIn. It really gave me pause, thinking about how it looks to have all these so called “anonymous” people viewing a profile. And it creeped me out enough that I knew I didn’t want to be some kind of creeper too. So, I made the decision that full disclosure and the ramifications of it would be something I would prefer to deal with.

So I did it – pretty easy – you just check a box…Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.24.51 PM

And I got ready. Ready for all the potential candidates I peruse to start hitting me up with questions about why I was viewing their profile. I prepared for the worst.

But, I was wrong. Instead of getting slammed with inquiries or even downright nastiness, instead I got people wanting to connect. And they were really

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great people to connect too – they might not be the perfect candidate right now, but 95% of them will be at some point. And they’re reaching out to me….just because I viewed their profile.

Weird huh? Almost like LinkedIn gave us an easy button. Try it, you might find that you really, really like it!