Dan Finnigan (CEO of @Jobvite) on The Future Of Recruiting and an FOT #Webinar

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of taping an episode of our FOT podcast (which we affectionately call “The CYA Report”) with Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan—show will drop sometime next week here on FOT, so stay tuned for that… Now, before you think that’s just another white noise exercise, I want you to stop and read the bullet points that represent Dan’s career progression; it’s basically the roadmap you’d draw for the CEO of a modern day SaaS executive in the talent space if you had a magic telestrator:

  • 1988-1991: Worked for Dave Farber at University of Pennsylvania. Dan was one of key architects of original DARPANET and the Internet, including production of digital networking conference for Farber and Vince Cerf.  I made a joke about working with Al Gore in this role (because he invented the Internet, right?), and it turns out Dan corresponded with Gore’s office at this time. Wow.
  • 1991-1993: Wharton MBA
  • 1993-1995: LA Times New Business Development; invested in Netscape, helped launch LA Times on Prodigy. YES, THAT Prodigy.  
  • 1999-2002: Knight Ridder VP, where he pulled together all of newspaper company’s websites into one subsidiary, Knight Ridder Digital, as CEO of KRD. Led acquisition for company of CareerBuilder.com; one of 3 CareerBuilder Board Members. Remember when you used to be able to buy a display job ad and get CareerBuilder postings to boot? That was Dan.
  • 2002-July, 2007: Yahoo – SVP. General Manger of Yahoo! HotJobs.  Doesn’t matter what you think about HotJobs. Hell, a lot of you kids don’t even remember HotJobs, just like you don’t remember Prodigy. Know your history kiddos, it’s significant any way you slice it.  
  • 2007-2008 – Entrepreneur in Residence, Benchmark Capital.
  • 2008 to Present – President and CEO at Jobvite. A company that’s always been on the bleeding edge of the recruiting game.

So let’s break that experience down…

Worked for an early deep thinker on all things Internet, and has inside perspective on Al Gore’s claim to the Internet – Check. Print game – Check. Print game transition to digital – Check. CareerBuilder – Check. Yahoo HotJobs – Check. Venture Capital, hanging out and picking his next opportunity – Check. Bleeding edge on the recruiting game at a company like Jobvite – Check.

Damn. That’s deep.

Why do I go through all of this? At the end of the podcast, I asked Dan for 2-3 future trends on his radar that was going to drive the recruiting game. The first trend he gave us was that recruiters were going to start thinking and acting more like marketers—and sharing content to make people interested in their company/openings. Dan’s point? In a tight labor market for skilled and high-end talent, you’re going to have to develop trust and relationships with candidates that have a lot of options.

That’s why our next FOT Webinar (on October 3, 2013 at 1:00PM EDT) is entitled 5 Easy Ways For Recruiters to Engage Talent Pools – Without Looking Like Complete Stalkers.  Join us and hear what we’ll cover that matches where Dan thinks we’re headed in the recruiting game:

  • A simple definition of what a talent pool is, how you organize it in your ATS, and how to manage the concept of “opt-in” to the people you include in that talent pool.
  • A checklist of information you already have access to in your company that those passive talent pool candidates would love to hear about.  It’s a checklist!  All you have to do is go find the info we list and you’re golden.
  • Data on best practices in thinking like a marketer (do you use email, LinkedIn, snail mail, SMS, etc.) to engage your talent pool – without looking like a stalker.
  • As the Grand Finale: we’ll deliver the top 5 ways to engage talent pools – and for each engagement method, we’ll list what the communication looks like, where to find the information and why doing it the way we recommend is the best practice.

We think Dan’s right; the recruiting world is going to morph into a more sophisticated marketing machine. Join FOT on October 3, 2013 at 1pm EST for 5 Easy Ways For Recruiters to Engage Talent Pools – Without Looking Like Complete Stalkers,and we’ll get you started.

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