Five Things You Need To Know This Week…

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, This Week in HR

Hello and welcome to another great week here at FOT. Kick your Monday off right with these five must-reads:

1. Trader Joe’s Explains Why It’s Cutting Benefits For Part Timers. Rather than provide affordable options for purchasing health insurance to part timers, as Trader Joe’s does now, the company will simply cut them a $500 check to help cover the costs of obtaining coverage under the Affordable Care Act this January.

2. Layoffs Hit Wall Street As Financial Needs Change [Audio].  There have been fewer big corporate deals and a drop in company stock and bond offerings, resulting in the need for less employees on Wall Street.

3. Sponsored Jobs Introduced To The LinkedIn Feed, Giving Them More Visibility. LinkedIn has announced that they are now giving your Sponsored Jobs even more visibility by incorporating them into one of the feed on the member homepage.

4. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Makes One Last Pitch To Wall Street In Farewell Meeting. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made a strong plea to investors to support his vision of the world’s largest software company as a unified devices and services to Wall Street.

5. Career Lessons From Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad’s central character Walter White is a ruthless, sociopathic meth lord, but he’s also one hell of a businessman.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!