Are You HR 5c or 5s?

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Confession time, I’m currently an iPhone 4s person and I feel inadequate.

Not to worry though, that’s all about to change because I am due for an upgrade… I was just waiting for the next version of iPhone to be released, and like so many other sheep I’ll find myself following the line into the store to get the 5s. Or do I go the value route and go 5c? Why did you have to torture me with choices, Apple G*d!?!? Cool colors or better technology? And the Mission Impossible finger print scanner, the only thing better would be a cool eyeball scanner! (Soon…)

Apple’s latest iPhone release made me think of the four kinds of HR shops we have in the world:

1. Apple iPhone 5c HR Shop:  It’s a solid, well run HR shop. Some good technology, but not the latest and greatest. It’s a value run HR shop. You don’t pay to have outside consultants come in, you DIY it!  You make the systems and processes you have work a little longer.  Squeeze a little more ROI out of your software.  You don’t cater your holiday party, you go potluck – and the food is better, and there is way too much of it, and everyone has a great time! 5c shops aren’t pretentious, they dress business casual, they are happy to wear the company logo polo on Friday casual day.

2. Apple iPhone 5s HR Shop:  People are most important asset, and as such we need to have the latest and greatest HR technology to administer HR policy and practices to those valuable assets. We believe in ‘Best Practice’ HR. We are constantly improving, little by little, to have the most solid and easy to use systems and processes that we can have, even if that means upgrading technology that is only a couple of years old.  It only cost a little more to go first class and that’s what we do. Employee gatherings are fully catered and are non-alcoholic. We have an eyeball-screening device to get through the locked door where our HR shop is housed. (Okay, I made that last one up!)

3. Galaxy s4 HR Shop:  HR Technology is designed to make our HR shop as efficient as possible. We will not stop bolting on pieces of technology until we no longer need human beings to run HR. Sure, it might be a little complex to use for the employee, but it works for us and that’s what counts. Plus all of our systems work well with our giant HRM system we have (okay, it works most of the time). We welcome everyone into our HR shop. We have no locks, no doors and no security of any kind. If you seem like you will make our organization money, we accept you. Inclusion is our greatest strength!

 4. Blackberry q10 HR Shop: We bought some technology 15 years ago and it works for us, and our employees don’t care about technology anyway. They have a keyboard and that should be enough. Now let us get back to the work of going out of business.

5. PrePaid Gas Station Cell Phone HR Shop:  In HR we are running as fast as we can. We just got started as a company and who knows we might not be around a year from now. We use a lot of ‘duct tape’ to keep our systems and processes going and thank G*d for Google and all those other HR shops who put their policy manuals and forms out their publicly!  The truth is, our employees get paid (mostly correct) and have benefits. That’s all that really counts to the employees anyway.

By the way, I’m getting an iPhone 5s. I know I should wait for the iPhone 6, but let’s face it, the technology of the 5s is beyond my comprehension and understanding anyway. Plus my kids already the iPhone 5, so they can teach me how to use my new phone!

What kind of cell phone HR shop do you have?