Talent News: Inagural Talent Acquisition Survey Released By @JIBE

Holland Dombeck McCue Worldwide FOT

Jibe, Inc. released their inaugural Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey, which surveyed more than 100 in-house recruiting professionals on obstacles recruiters face in the rapidly-evolving talent acquisition market.

Survey Highlights:

  • More than a third of recruiters surveyed (35%) said they spend more of their recruiting budget on technology than anything else. However, 46% of respondents reported that they were deeply dissatisfied with their current technology. And 27% actually said their current technology gets in the way of their ability to do their job.
  • Three-fourths of recruiters revealed that, due to lack of integration they are unable to get data from their systems to provide a complete “talent lifecycle” snapshot. At the same time, 53% of those surveyed said the best indicator of a ‘quality hire’ is impact on company performance, something that’s near impossible to measure without complete lifecycle data.
  • 47% of recruiters indicated that integration of their recruiting and HR systems would be the most valuable technology upgrade, far and away the most desired upgrade amongst respondents.
  • Fewer than one in three (32%) recruiters find it easy to extract data or metrics from their current recruiting tools, which is probably why respondents reported that they spend, on average, 22 hours a month manually sorting through or manipulating data.
  • 80% of recruiters describe candidate experience as very important to their hiring practices, yet 44% report they are struggling to improve in that area. More than anything else, optimizing candidate experience was identified as the top recruiting trend heading into 2014.

Download your copy here: http://jibe.com/survey2013