Kris Dunn shares Simple Rules for Determining Succession.. (of the young ones)

Kris Dunn Worldwide FOT

Heard in a coffee shop this week…

Me: Yeah, but he”s a 29 year old kid, so that”s pretty good.

Client: Really? What did you expect?

Me: What do you mean?

Client: Well, what you”re outlining isn”t that special, is it? After all, what were you doing when you were 29?

Me: (Silence…Thinking)

The point to the conversation was really centered around what the world expects out of kids in their late 20″s in the workplace. I was referring to the late 20″s person who was working for the client. He was a good, not great performer, and I was telling the client it was OK because he was 29. There”s still time for him to be great.

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