Steve Gifford questions Retirement Accounts for Actual Retirement

Steve Gifford Worldwide FOT

What would retirement look like if Americans could take early “hardship withdrawals” from Social Security?

This was the topic of conversation in our office the other day — yes, we have in depth water cooler discussions about retirement policy.  Heck, we have in depth water cooler discussions about payroll sometimes.  We’re a fun group!

Chaos, was our consensus.  That, and a return to 1920’s style “poor houses”.  Lots more 80-year-old parents living with their 60-year-old children.

Read Steve’s whole post over at Compensation Cafe (friends of the FOT family). 

Steve Gifford

Steve Gifford, MBA, SPHR, is the Director of Human Resources for OEM America, a PEO of more than a hundred companies and more than two thousand employees. His company gives small businesses the buying power and HR expertise of a big company, but without the bureaucracy! In the past, he’s been the HR guy for marketing, manufacturing, retail, and government organizations. His first HR job was in the US Army during his second tour in Iraq, where every employee in his client group carried an automatic weapon. It helps him keep the problems of employees who show up to work late in perspective.