Five Things You Need to Know This Week…

Holland Dombeck McCue Holland Dombeck, This Week in HR

Hello and welcome to another great week with the gang at FOT. Kick your Monday off right with these five must-reads:

1. HR Survey: Streamlining Healthcare HR Is Top Cost Initiative. HR professionals put streamlining HR processes at the top of the list when it comes to cutting department costs.

2. Starbucks Launches A Petition To End The Government Shutdown. The world’s biggest coffee chain is encouraging people to sign a petition against the ongoing budget stalemate.

3. Great Perks, Born Of A Taco Bell Parking Lot. Want to keep your employees happy? They need to know you care about them. AnyPerk wants to make that happen.

4. 7 Hottest Trends In HR Technology. Technology has been dominating the HR and Talent Management space for the past decade – with more widespread adoption happening in the past year.

5. 14 Jeff Bezos Quotes That Show Why Amazon’s Boss Is A Total Genius. Bezos achieved so much success by being incredibly smart and business savvy – these 14 quotes that show his genius.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!

Holland Dombeck McCue

Holland Dombeck McCue is the former editor turned blogger here at Fistful of Talent. She plays in the employment branding and B2B marketing space and currently heads up Recruitment Marketing and Global Employment Branding for Delta Air Lines. So, it goes without saying that the opinions shared on FOT are hers and hers alone. She wishes it could go without saying, but hey, Legal runs a tight ship…