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Hey FOT Nation – this job at Kinetix and the right hire will be working directly for me. If you’re down with all the noise you read on this blog, have a background in OD, Leadership Development or simply are a high-end HR/Talent pro who’s looking to try and change the world, then I’ve got the spot for you. Take a look:

Leadership Development Specialist/Swami (APPLY BY CLICKING HERE)

We’ll make this posting real simple, people. Kinetix has the goal of developing the coolest, most practical, and highly authentic Leadership Development system in the world in 2014. Is that goal big enough for you? If so, keep reading…

You’re still here?

To understand what we’re looking for, let’s start with some definitions.  First up, if you say the word strategic, you have to drink a shot of vodka. Next time you say the same word, you drink two shots, and keep adding a shot to the penalty for each time you say it after that. Same with the word competency. If you’re drunk before our first phone conversation is complete, you’re out. We’re on to the next one.

We’re not looking for someone with a strategic outlook in this role. We’re out to find a hybrid thinker/doer, someone that wants to map out the true pain points of managing people in today’s workplace. We think there are 8 to 10 conversations that managers of people have to nail in order to be successful. The problem is that most managers avoid the conversations, and those that tackle the conversations that need to happen sound like robots.

We want to help those managers understand there’s a roadmap they need to hit in those critical conversations, but they can do it within their own personality. The leadership training we’re out to build isn’t full of leadership competencies; it’s a common sense platform that will help any manager of people be viewed as a “career agent” by the people that report to them.

Trust. Real world stuff.  You know, how regular people talk.

Stuff You Will Do In This Role

  • Map out to the strategic plan for the training platform we have in mind (Damn! You’re right, we just said the word. Hand us that shot of vodka…)
  • Lead the creation of the individual modules in the series, including seamless weaving of traditional instructional design and new media.
  • Ensure the series can be delivered a variety of ways (traditional classroom, train the trainer, self-paced by the student, etc.)
  • Use video in a strategic way, both in the traditional training and using on-demand video to refresh once training is complete.
  • Be the Swami, with all the competencies (two shots!) a swami has.

Background The Right Candidate Might Have

We can see the right candidate coming from any of the following areas:

  • Traditional Training and Development, as long as you’re sick of doing it the old way.
  • Straight-Up Instructional Design, as long as you feel like the artist in your has always been suppressed.
  • Core HR or Recruiting, as long as you have a passion for finding a new way for managers to suck less.
  • New media flunky, as long as you’ve had exposure to the wonderful world of human capital and the art of management.

PS – No freaks.

Is this swami position you? Are you the swami who’s been kept back by the man? Hit us up by applying today.


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PS#2 – Real players email the hiring manager as well as directly applying via an ATS.