@LeoForceARYA Debuts Industry’s First Recruiting Robot

Holland Dombeck McCue Worldwide FOT

FOT’s Steve Boese has been saying it, the intellects over at Oxford have been saying it, heck, there 3M returns on Google saying it – the robots are coming, and they are coming for your job! (But in a good way…)

LeoForce, the Recruiting Robotics software company, has announced general availability of LeoForce v1.0, the industry’s first recruiting robot for staffing companies and in-house recruiting teams who spend the bulk of their time searching for talent, but want more time to engage.

Let’s rewind that… LeoForces leaves recruiters more time to engage with candidates

Although LeoForce automates sourcing, applicant tracking and social recruiting, the star of LeoForce is Arya the recruiting robot. LeoForce Arya tracks, records and repeats recruiters’ behavioral patterns that lead to placements. LeoForce Arya can also perform portions of the recruiting process – such as initial qualification and collaboration – without the recruiter needing to be involved.

Significant features include applicant collaboration and social recruiting. LeoForce’s applicant collaboration gauges candidate interest and handles initial screening via email and text message. LeoForce’s social recruiting provides users the ability to post jobs in one-click to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, significantly extending a company’s ability to find talent and generate awareness.   

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