I see stupid HR…it’s scarier than Halloween…

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Recruiting, Sourcing

Every once in a while I’m at a conference or a meet-up and I hear stupid people. Maybe they’re really smart people with stupid things coming out of their mouths, but in the end, for me, they become stupid people.

Last month I attended a sourcing meet-up and sat at a table where we were talking about boolean searching. I was tagged to lead the discussion and we were kicking off with how to train your sourcer, what training is available, books now out and so on. And then…our stupid is as stupid does moment occurred…

I’m HR Director at blankety blank blank and I think everyone should attend this sourcing training at Yadayadayada. I’ve sent my whole team. We don’t use any of it, but it’s great training.

If I was this person’s boss? Their @$$ would be fired.  You and your whole team went to training that can cost on average a thousand dollars per head not including travel expenses and time away from the office and you don’t use anything from it? Not one thing?  You haven’t had one hire from it? One interview? One phone screen?

That’s stupid.

And wasteful.

And if you’re not fired then I think you should be given a signatory cap of $100 because obviously someone needs to be looking at what you’re doing.

Sourcing training does work, and if you’re going to invest the time and money in attending you should put it into practice immediately.  Take one thing, just one thing that struck you as worthwhile and use it every day. Determine your best time of day and take 30 minutes – book a meeting with yourself – shut off the phone – close the door – and practice.

Best tactic you can practice? Site: aka “the x-ray.” Works on every search engine and if you believe some people you’ll see different results on each one. Practice it with competitors, sites you know well, sites that house lists.

And if you’re the manager that signed off on the training? You better support your recruiter in making sure they have time to practice these newly acquired tactics.  It’s in your best interest and justifies the spend when suddenly you have people sourced making it to phone screens, interviews and being hired.

I’m just sayin’.  I’ll never be welcome back in the corporate world because of these hard line views but my budget is precious and should be spent with an expected ROI and I will always have an expected ROI.