5 Secrets From LinkedIn’s Recruiter Certification Test

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A few weeks back, LinkedIn (LI) made a big splash at their annual Talent Connect conference when they launched their new LinkedIn Recruiter Certification. Immediately, everyone in the recruiting industry wanted to know what this “certification” was.  The high interest comes from the huge void in the recruiting industry for a legitimate certification that rivals HRCI’s PHR, SPHR and GPHR for HR Pros. While there are a few recruiter certifications out there, LinkedIn could bring brand recognition to an industry certification that has been sorely lacking.

Fistful of Talent is known to have a very active backchannel; let ‘s face it, we are primarily commentators on what is currently going on in HR and Recruiting. This news about LI’s recruiter certification got a few of us talking offline, and I even wrote about it (Is LI’s Recruiter Certification a Scam?) over at the aptly named Tim Sackett Project (my binding endorsement contract stipulates I mention it in each post that uses the blog title, because Kris Dunn was the originator of the blog title The Tim Sackett Project, LLC).  I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but let’s say for argument’s sake we know of guy who may, or may not have, taken the LI Recruiter Certification, and passed it.  So, yeah, we’ve got sources!

From this inside, back-channel tip, we found out a few secrets from LinkedIn’s Recruiter Certification exam (even though he may, or may not have, been forced to sign a document saying he would not share these secrets) that we want to share with you here, the great FOT nation. We’ll give you 5 Secrets, but please do not share these secrets or use them for professional gain. Here is what you’ll learn from taking this highly sought after certification:

1. If you enter the title of a type of candidate you are searching for into the search bar and click “search,” results of that search will appear!

2. Send Inmail to candidates you have interest talking to. Don’t call them – LI doesn’t make any money from that form of communication.

3. Pay extra to have a great LI corporate page, because it really matters that other recruiters see this and do this for their corporate page as well.

4. Make sure you encourage all of your employees to get profiles on LI; that way our other paying clients can steal them from you.

5. If you pay $199 you’ll get certified on a product you already pay for, and the certification has at least a 57  point margin spread.

Okay, you caught us, these aren’t real secrets – some aren’t even real facts. Well, #1-4 are probably factual, and most of #5, but you get the point. We were having fun with something we found funny.  We know great recruiting pros who have gotten the certification and feel proud to have it.  They got a cool little title and badge to put next to their name.  Heck, I know a bunch of people who would pay a lot more for a cool little title and badge!

I’m not a hater, I just crush a lot…