Five Things You Need to Know About @CaraLucas44

Holland Dombeck McCue Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Hey FOT Nation! I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled HR programing to share five things you need to know about FOT’s new Editor, Cara Lucas.

1. She was a former Editor for magazine and packs a B.A. in English. Translation—she’s about to crack the editorial whip on this surly bunch.

2. Cara footed her college tuition as a D1 NCAA Varsity Basketball player.

3. Her cat is named after a Starbucks beverage option.

4. She’s not a seasoned interviewer by any stretch. As in—she’s never officially hired someone. Gasp!

5. Given her vehicle track record, she will probably only ever buy foreign cars. Sorry, America.

Learn more about Cara via her profile by clicking here and be sure to leave her some love in the comments! As for me? I’ll still be hanging around the FOT water cooler, just this time as Blogger #30.

Have a great week!