Forms, Forms, Forms—Can They Pay the Bills, Bills, Bills?

Kelly Dingee Kelly Dingee, Sourcing, Uncategorized

The sourcing team at my employer has been on fire lately if I do say so myself. We are locking and loading on candidates faster and faster.

I was asked on Friday just how that was happening. I don’t know… good processes? Awesome sourcing?

But really, it boils down to a form and an attitude.

The form is a search intake form, not for the recruiter and hiring manager, but for the recruiter and sourcing team. It pushes the recruiters to organize their information into hard facts, none of that fluffy “and-they-need-to-be-a-team-player” crap.  Ironically, the questions on the form are the same ones I ask in every intake meeting, but having the recruiters see them and fill out the form prior to the discussion made them very accountable, and forced them to stay on task: definitive skills, competitors, desired employers, candidates that would be perfect, employees that were perfect, years of experience and so on.  It’s not a huge form and, if they’ve had a good intake meeting with the hiring manager, it’s a breeze to complete. That information makes it incredibly easy for us to structure our first round of search strings to use externally on search engines and internally on iCIMS. And we have a lot flexibility within iCIMS now that we have what is paramount to unlimited characters in creating search strings.

It’s saved us time because we’re organized from the get-go. The meeting between the sourcer and recruiter takes 15 minutes tops (and we’re both prepped). We cross out the soft skills if they somehow make it into the form, and then we have an easy reference document to go back to in case we need to refresh our strings or revamp our strategy. We maintain this magic spreadsheet in Google Docs because we love the cloud and hate paper.

Attitude was critical… the new form met a lot of resistance. Again, same questions I always asked, it was just required pre-meeting work. And so in the beginning, recruiters would show up to the meeting without the form complete. That was fine maybe once, everyone got a free pass, but then we got serious.  Search work didn’t start if the form wasn’t complete.

And six months later, we’re reaping the benefits. Thought has been reorganized and it’s sped up the process. We were only looking to get organized—who knew that it would increase our efficiency and expedite our searches. We’re loving it! Want to create a form of your own? Google can help… check it here or jump on YouTube for more examples.