SHRM Leadership Should Lead

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Today is a big day. There are several hundred human resources professionals descending on Washington DC to participate in SHRM’s Leadership Conference Hill Day.

They are lobbying our Congressional leaders on things like healthcare, tort reform and quick and easy access to H-1B visas.

Here are three things I want SHRM leaders to say to our elected officials.

  1. You should have asked us about healthcare. HR professionals could have told you that the Affordable Care Act is a stupid compromise. Many forward-thinking HR professionals want to remove the employer mandate and move to a single-payer system. If you want to compromise, create a marketplace for doctors and not insurance companies.
  2. We are okay with immigration reform and some form of amnesty. Some of us support the DREAM Act because we have family members who were brought to America when they were children. They should have an opportunity to realize the full rights and protections of citizenship.
  3. We want companies to be held accountable for shoddy behaviors. When workers suck, we fire them. If companies are people, we should treat them like people. Criminal behavior is criminal behavior. And yet no one has been held accountable for the Great Recession.

Human resources professionals don’t have a seat at the table because we mimic the empty words of lobbyists and vapid political pundits. If we want to be taken seriously, we need to have real ideas and push for real reform.

I believe that real reform looks less like a laundry list from the Chamber of Commerce and more like a grocery list written by middle-class Americans.

I pay my dues. Where is my representation during SHRM’s Leadership Conference Hill Day?