Five Things You Need To Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Hello and welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team. Kick it off right with these five must-reads:

1. Top 10 Overused Recruiting Buzzwords for 2013: Get to know LinkedIn’s annual list of overused zingers, this time with a twist.

2. 1.3 Million Set To Lose Jobless Benefits: It’s not looking good for 1.3 million long-term unemployed workers who were overlooked by a budget deal reached by key lawmakers late Tuesday.

3. Our Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition: Although our fundamental desire to be noticed is not a new phenomenon, our unending use of social media has radically elevated the level of ego

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4. Greeter Puts Out Car Fire In Meijer Parking Lot, Gets Fired: Last month, David Bowers says he was fired from his job as a greeter at a retail chain store for putting out a car fire in the store’s parking lot.

5. A Closer Look at Google’s New Robot Army: So, , the lab of mad scientists behind some of the most awesomely scary robots ever seen. What exactly did Google get out of the deal? An army of jaw-droppingly capable robots that can walk, run and climb through seemingly any terrain.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!