FOT 2014 Resolutions

Cara Lucas HR (& Life!) Advice

We are back with our annual resolve-to-be-better-and-do-more post, courtesy of our bloggers here at FOT. Some of the following 2014 resolutions are not so different than the ones you read last year, but some are… so make sure to check those out.

Here we go:

Kris Dunn

  • Monitor the social channels of Tim Sackett more consistently to find good ideas worth stealing.
  • Convince LFR (Cynical Girl, FOT) to do a Hannity and Colmes style show with me.  I’m the guy with conservative opinions.  She’s the guy that looks like Gladwell just got a buzz cut.
  • Network with Mrs. Tincup so I can get all of William’s Chairman Mao gear that he wore in the mid 2000’s before it goes to Goodwill.

Paul Hebert

  • I resolve for 2014 to be more human and to work harder at finding the real human behind the various blogs and businesses.
  • I want to be more dimensional and intentionally find people who have more than a single dimension to work with and collaborate with.
  • I want to #Humanize my life and to allow technology in all its forms and functions to augment my humanity – not steal it.  That may mean less on line and more off line discussions.  That may mean more calls than retweets.  That may mean more skype than phone calls.  It may mean less of me on the internet and more of me at your lunch table.  Either way – I will be more human.

Jason Pankow 

  • Show off my Windows Phone to as many people as possible.  Because it’s awesome, people!  Really!
  • Use the word “Indubitably” more often.
  • Have a World Championship Football Team!!
  • Race Laurie Ruettimann!  (Please note… I simply said race. Not win. I’m not stupid.)
  • Invent a word that rhymes with “Hug me.” (Hey hey hey!)
  • Sell my Washington Mutual stock.
  • Finally meet, face to face, the FOT peeps I haven’t met yet.  You never know when I may show up!

Kathy Rapp

  • Get a toned body like Tim Sackett.
  • Practice taking deep breaths and if that doesn’t work, swear quietly.
  • Continue to try and simplify… perhaps even the shoes this year.
  • Strive to always be an example for my daughter to look up to.

Tim Sackett

  • To be more tolerant of people who take daily selfies.
  • Spread more joy and pleasure to people who don’t have joy and pleasure.
  • Wash my clothes at Laurie Ruettimann’s house after a Tough Mudder.
  • Catch a fish with Kris Dunn.
  • Finish my first HR Book: “The Joy of SEXual Harassment.”

Andy Porter

  • Make good on my 2013 resolutions before moving on to 2014.
  • Be more comfortable just being.  Resist the urge to pull out the iphone any time I have a free few minutes.
  • Take a trip to an interesting, off-the-beaten path destination outside good ole US of A.

Steve Boese

  • Wake up earlier (a repeat from last year and likely to be on the 2015 list as well).
  • #use #more #hashtags #even #when #there #is #no #reason #for #them
  • Corner the market for orange juice futures.
  • Be a pen pal.
  • Improvise.

William Tincup

In 2014, I intend to care about the people that care about me. Less time, energy and thought for those that don’t have my best interests in mind.

  • Also, I intend to continue the practice of random acts of kindness.

Laurie Ruettimann 

  • I STILL want to adopt a dog who has been rescued from a puppy mill.

Dan Carusi

  • Learn, do and grow more.
  • Avoid people and cultures that create soul-sucking boredom.
  • Give back.
  • Survive six days in the Canadian wilderness with the Boy Scouts.
  • Be inspired and inspire others.

RJ Morris

  • Partner with Boese on cornering the FCOJ market.  I like fresh and new ideas that have not been tried before.
  • Make sure that people I respect and trust know it—I stink at this.
  • Expand my experiences with new bourbons—more and different, not just more. But more works.
  • Run more. Not necessarily faster, but more.
  • Continue to decline and skip meetings that do not help me achieve my goals.

Holland Dombeck

  • Call my out-of-state friends and family more than just birthdays and holidays.
  • Send more cards just because.
  • Take the year to enjoy being engaged.
  • 2013 was the year of the half marathon, in 2014 I will tackle a Tough Mudder.

Cara Lucas

  • Create an interactive online portfolio.
  • Refine my Instagram skills.
  • Readopt my dog back from my mom.
  • Record a mountain bike ride, zip line ride, and Cessna 172 takeoff/landing with a GoPro camera—life is all about perspective.

Your turn! Hit us in the comments with your personal and professional aspirations for 2014.