Steve Boese asks What does package delivery have in common with Top Music of 2013 lists?

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Two exhibits, seemingly unrelated, (actually not seemingly, these are unrelated), but to me are both interesting in and of themselves and even more interesting when placed in a larger context, (and if you are willing to suspend disbelief a little bit).

Exhibit A – This is the one you already know all about, released not coincidentally on the eve of Cyber Monday, which is of course Amazon’s plan to (someday) deploy unmanned drones to deliver small packages in less than 30 minutes.

Exhibit B – You might not have caught this one, and I’m not really sure why I even read about it as I am not a user of the Shazam app and not really a big music person at all, but here it is from the Econsultancy site – Shazam, Big Data, and the Future of Year-end Lists.

Read the whole post over at Steve Boese’s HR Technology Journal (an FOT contributor blog). 

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