Five Things You Should Know This Week

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Hello and welcome to another great week at FOT! Here’s what’s trending this week:

1. Holacracy: The Hot Management Trend for 2014? Invented in the early 2000s by entrepreneur Brian Robertson, holacracy is a management structure based on the tasks a company needs to accomplish, rather than a standard reporting structure.

2. What would this new bill do to background checks? A new law, if passed, might eliminate background checks entirely from the employment process.

3.Want to learn a new skill? Practice in your sleep. Scientists say that while we’re sleeping our brains are sifting through our days, looking for the most important events, and connecting them to previous experience.

4. How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance Work and Family. Managers and HR professionals should take note. It’s important to organizational performance that people find ways to successfully integrate work and home demands.

5. Can Performance Be Quantified? Wearable Tech in the Office. The age of the quantified self is here. Now business is buying in.

Have a great week and stay warm, FOT Nation!

Cara Lucas

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