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“When in doubt, tell the truth.” – Mark Twain

I missed my opportunity to share New Years Resolutions with my FOT compatriots; input was due whilst I was still navigating the back roads and mountain passes of New Mexico. Sporadic 3G coverage at best – you know, just like the pioneers. I did, however, have a resolution that was still formulating… until this week. The gray area in my professional life is being re-colored in black or white.

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John Whitaker

John Whitaker (“Whit”) is Vice President of Talent Acquisition for DentalOne Partners and the founder of (2008). He specializes in building and developing strong recruiting teams who are unafraid of “kicking the ant pile.” Like most Texans, he loves to tell a story (especially those that include an armadillo or a poker game) and cutting through the chaff…don’t take it personal.