Five Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Happy Monday, FOT Nation! Kick off your week with these five must-reads:

1.Recruiting High School and Non-degreed Top Talent — A Missed Corporate Opportunity:  In case you didn’t hear about it, college football powerhouse Alabama recently offered a scholarship to eighth-grade football player Dylan Moses and LSU offered a scholarship to a ninth grader. Before you react in shock as a parent might, consider the fact that teenage talent may be the last remaining untapped corporate recruiting pool.

2. Warren Buffett Gets Away With Paying His Employees Less By Using This One Weird Trick: Buffett never skips a chance to emphasize that he treats people humanely, and that Berkshire is a family. This has allowed him to buy companies at lower prices, and get top talent for cheaper than the levels he considers obscene.

3. Why You Need a Side Hustle: Finding a job in the current market is no easy task — and it’s often hindered by limited education and experience, particularly for recent grads or job seekers in the midst of a career shift.

4. A Look at the Airline Pilot Shortage: Among the issues are that fewer people seem to be moving from the military to take pilot jobs. Also, the wages and benefits of airline jobs aren’t appealing enough to take some jobs at regional airline carriers in the U.S., causing pilots to find other work or take overseas jobs.

5. Ellen DeGeneres Took the Most Epic Selfie of All Time at the OscarsEllen DeGeneres just took the most epic selfie in the history of the word epic — and the history of selfies.

Bonus: You Can Put Your Face In The Star-Studded Oscar Selfie: Because… why not?

Have a great week, FOT Nation!