5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, This Week in HR

Hi and welcome back to another great week with FOT! Here are five things you need to know this week:

1. What’s a workplace? Wherever the employee may be, court saysWelcome to the Digital Age: Technology has changed the workplace so much that employers may not be able to reject a telecommuting accommodation request by saying physical attendance is mandatory. 

2. Your Employer Brand Owns The Candidate Experience Do you put people through tests and five phone screens, then never follow up? If so, you’re doing damage to your brand.

3. This Chat App Is Way Better Than Email For Work: Email can feel overwhelming. Messages that don’t feel that important can build up until unread messages can number in the dozens, or worse — and then, the task seems too daunting for reading through to be worth it.

4. Is Your Hiring Process Too Friendly?Even Vladimir Putin can seem charming if you only ask questions like “What are your career goals? What motivates you? and What are you looking for in a job? ” before making an offer.

5. The Origins of Office SpeakWhat corporate buzzwords reveal about the history of work (and what a corporate-buzzword quiz reveals about you).

 Have a great week!