Webinar TODAY! Happy Hour Job Search: Driving the Behavior of Mobile Job Seekers

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Webinar, Worldwide FOT

We love it at FOT when companies start talking about how they block specific types of websites to prevent employees from doing certain things. One of the types of sites companies love to block is career sites. ”You’re not going to look for a job while you’re working.

You’re right, boss. We won’t look for a job on your laptop while we’re working for “the man.” But we’ll absolutely wear it out on breaks, lunch and as soon as we leave work with our mobile device.

That reality means you should probably figure out what’s going on with mobile recruiting, right? That’s why the latest installment of the FOT webinar series is all about candidate behavior on mobile. Join FOT’s Kris Dunnand Ed Newman from iMomentous on Tuesday, April 1st from 3-4pm EST for Happy Hour Job Search: Driving the Behavior of Mobile Job Seekers, and we’ll hit you with the following:

A complete breakdown of the basic demographics and behaviors of mobile job seekers, with strategies on how to use that data to influence candidate behavior.

Inside information about power users of mobile career sites, including the level of education they’ve achieved, years of work experience and most prevalent zodiac sign (we’re kidding about the last one–but it would be cool if Capricorns were the most mobile savvy, right?).

What behavior and

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life patterns surrounding mobile use cause employers to see spikes at particular hours of the day from mobile, and how that impacts your mobile recruiting strategy.

The impact of mobile friendly career sites and email campaigns to click through rates from mobile candidates.

– Then, we’ll show you how all the factors listed above make providing highly relevant content and calls to action the key to success with mobile candidates.

A winning recruiting strategy starts with understanding the candidate you’re seeking. Where is your candidate sitting at the moment they choose to hit “apply?” What are they doing 10 seconds before they land on your site?

Remember how your parents thought the Internet was a fad? Don’t fall into the same trap with mobile recruiting. Join Kris Dunn and Ed Newman on Tuesday, April 1st from 3-4pm EST for Happy Hour Job Search: Driving the Behavior of Mobile Job Seekers, and they’ll hit you

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with the best strategies to get the most out your mobile recruiting strategy in 2014 and beyond.