Kris Dunn asks Are CEOs of Startups Destined to Hire Inexperienced Blonde Women as Their First HR Director?

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Worldwide FOT

That’s a powder-keg of a title, right?  Wasn’t me – actually picked this topic up from this post at Up and Down The Escalator.  Check out the core of the post:

“we have to get the business to want HR to deliver and know what to ask for. Too many CEO’s still hire young blonde girls into HRM/HRD roles because they don’t have the experience to challenge them.”

Now I know this is a provocative statement. And of course, it is also a sweeping generalization – actually, many of them are brunettes.

But in a country the size of New Zealand where many people find themselves in sole charge HR positions in small to medium sized businesses, there is more than a grain of truth here. I have seen a few junior colleagues over the years go off into sole charge roles, working for a CEO or CFO when they are still a little wet behind the ears and perhaps have only a year or two of experience.”

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