Paul Hebert asks Should You Use Employee Engagement Scores to Make Decisions?

Paul Hebert Paul Hebert, Worldwide FOT

I rarely use Seth Godin as a starting point for any blog post. Mostly because he usually says exactly what he wants to say and any addition to it is gilding the lily. But – as is the case with almost everything – there are exceptions. This is one.

Last week he posted “Speedometer Confusion” and riffed about how the number on speedometer simply tells you how fast you’re going – but provides no real data on how fast you’re getting to your destination. All speed – no direction. His point is well taken.

The number on the speedometer is only valuable if you’re first sure you are pointed in the right direction. He ticks off a few other measurements that are not necessarily good indicators, or accurate measures of what you might REALLY be trying to measure:

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