Sourcing: What’s the app for that?

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Last week, work was crazy busy. Those of you who know me and my “process” know that my feet are to the fire to generate a decent pool of candidates within 24 hours.  Sometimes it works out that I have to generate 8 of those pools (and each pool is a minimum of 150 viable candidates) within 24 hours.

At the same time, I had a presentation due for one of my favorite local HR groups, WTPF.

And… I got a new computer.  You know what that means—quality time with IT.  Good times. (Actually, our IT guys are really awesome—it’s tough managing a virtual desk and they make it happen. But now they also know when I’m bored, I shoe shop or watch this… there are no secrets from IT.)

It was one of those scenarios when, instead of creating stress, it all just jelled.  And along the way, I found some new apps that make our sourcing team’s life a little easier.

The first on my list was 360social. I first heard about this app at SourceCon but hadn’t really gotten down and dirty with it. It’s a handy little tool to learn more about a social media profile. It’s lovely that they hit you with a candidate’s email, but what did I use it for? Digital footprints and sourcing. I was on the hunt for people in DC/CA/NYC and, in particular, one of the jobs I’m working on is for a Digital Marketing Manager—so I need to hit outside the standard box—as well as get a feel for how well they know their online media.

Vibe was the next tool I added to my browser.  I love me some LinkedIn, but I have to look for staff lists and directories whenever I can—sort of flipping the search and looking for people first, profiles second. Vibe becomes handy because when you find an email, it hovers above it… and  it will reveal the person’s social media presence.  I have a “ringer profile” I test on all these sites. She’s a first degree connection, has her own IT consulting firm and both her business and personal emails available on her LinkedIn profile.  Vibe reveals her personal social media presence, and her company’s, depending on what email you choose to hover over. Sweet.

My last app is WhoWorks.At.  I like this one… I like it alot. But it’s a little spotty in its performance. Fingers crossed it’ll get better and better. Why do I like it? Let me answer that with another question: How many times have you been in a meeting and someone says, “Do we know anyone who works at Company XYZ?” Happens all the time in my life and across a broad spectrum. When I click on WhoWorks.At,  I can see who I’m connected to on LinkedIn. It’s a quick shot and let’s me answer the question without having to dive into LinkedIn, run an X-ray, or remember who might work there in my network. Easy peasy.

What about you? Are there apps making your life in sourcing and recruiting easier? Or more interesting? Hit it up in the comments below… we’ll make it an app melting pot!