5 Things You Should Know This Week

Cara Lucas Cara Lucas, The HR Profession, This Week in HR

You can’t start your week without checking these 5 must-reads!

1. Forget About Peace–Here’s Why You Should Give Conflict A ChanceCertainly, as a leader you want your organization to run smoothly. But a conflict-free organization frequently underperforms.

2. To Win With Natural Talent, Go For Additive EffectsGallup has discovered that four human capital strategies combine in a powerful way to add up to 59% more growth in revenue per employee.

3. 4 Questions You Should Ask About The Jobs Recovery: Six years after the Great Recession, we’re finally back to (drumroll, please): Exactly where we started.

4. What Students Want in Their First Jobs, and How Government Can Deliver ThatThis year, Universum’s survey of more than 46,000 university students showed that students are looking for jobs that provide characteristics like work/life balance, job security, commitment to a cause, and a dynamic and respectful workplace.

5. What Can Miley Cyrus Teach Recruitment About Rebranding? Miley’s rebrand resulted in a 100% increase in followers on Twitter, a significantly higher search engine ranking and literally millions of YouTube views… and revenue for the Miley Cyrus label was given a huge boost.

 Have a great week, FOT Nation!