The CYA Report E63: The Moneyball Leadership Retreat [PODCAST]

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Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Kellee Webb, Vice President of Human Resources at Cenikor Foundation, on The Moneyball Leadership Retreat.

Kellee joins me on the podcast and we have a great conversation breaking down a killer idea she recently executed on: The Moneyball Leadership Retreat

What’s the Moneyball Leadership Retreat, you ask?  Kellee put together leadership training that included a trip to a minor league baseball park, hitting practice on the field, then dinner and a movie up in the luxury boxes—specifically using the movie “Moneyball” (Brad Pitt, ladies…) to drive home conversations about talent, leadership and how to squeeze more performance out of an organization that has set limitations financially (and every organization has those).

Take a listen below and make some notes. Kellee’s kind enough to share all the details with me.

PS: Be sure and check out Kellee’s new blog, Purposeful HR, which is a resource for all with a specific bent to HR pros at non-profits.

Host: Kris Dunn

Producer: Julia Lindsey

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